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This response was provided to me on August 30th 2006 by the City of Wagga Wagga Council in a letter in regards to a brochure copy and lyric jingles I wrote as a demonstration of my ability to write lyrics and copy:

“The jingles show imagination and good use of rhyme while the promotional information is well researched and highlights all the key features of the gardens.”

David Gallagher, Self Employed Web Developer had this to say in regards to my copy of his sales letter:

“Thanks Vince, the letter looks great. Shortly I am going to require various pages of web copy for my website to be done so I will be seeking your services again. I will refer my customers to you when they require web copy written for their websites.”

Brian Ward, Former Australian Songwriters Association President wrote this in his concluding remarks of his lyrics evaluation of my work:

“Vincey, your talent as a wordsmith is obvious.”

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